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Two new courses to choose from for next month (Gladwell and Rubin)

Happy #KryptonTuesday

Here's a look at two more courses, in time to either start a new group or pick which course you want your existing group to go through next month.

A reminder! You don't have to do the classes on Tuesdays, and you don't have to start at the beginning of a month. And of course, if you're just getting started, feel free to read the other posts in this series and even take (or retake) the first course, from your host, Seth Godin, if you like. The courses are posted here and you can do them when you like, not when they get posted. You can do one, then the next month, take on the other…

Don't forget, the courses are free, and are designed to be done in person, by a group, face to face. We've heard of groups as small as three and as big as fifteen working beautifully–there are more than 14,000 people signed up to lead Krypton courses so far.

For our next two, a choice. The course based on Malcolm's work heads into the ideas of habitus and sociology, covering things as diverse as heroism, poverty and, naturally, the tipping point.

The course based on Gretchen's work is a hands-on exploration of what makes you (and other people) happy.

Go ahead, vote, choose, and get started when it's good for you and your group. And if you're new to this, please, give it a try, start a group. Learn together.

Malcolm Gladwell on the Sociology of Success

Gretchen Rubin on Happiness