Heroes of the revolution

Isn't it odd that the US had so many statesmen during the late 1700s?

What a coincidence that so many great jazz musicians were born in the 1920s and 30s.

How come so many of the attendees at the 1927 Solvay Conference went on to win the Nobel Prize in physics?

It seems like we had tons of genius graphic designers working in the 1960s, then, somehow, the well ran dry.

Of course, this is silly. We didn't get the rock of the 1960s or the Miles Davis Quartet or the design revolution because there were a bunch of gifted artists standing around. No, those artists showed up and shared their best work precisely because there was a revolution going on.

Rapid change exposes the work of outsiders, neophytes and most of all, those attracted by the chance to grow, fast.

Rapid change sweeps aside the status quo and those that defend it (the stuck former geniuses and the stuck bureaucrats). It replaces them with those willing to leap.

Revolutions make heroes at least as much as heroes make revolutions.