Krypton Community College

Krypton Course 004: Sonia Simone and the modern art of copywriting

This course is practical and, for many of you, a stretch.

It's based on Copyblogger's free subscription materials, an overlooked gem online. Sonia has been writing for Copyblogger for a while, and her approach is insightful, generous and powerful.

The short version: If you do anything online, you're an online marketer, and online marketing is largely about the copy you write and how it resonates (and spreads).

As you get the materials for this course, you'll also be signed up for Copyblogger's materials, but they are good folks and you probably won't mind getting it–and it's easy to unsubscribe once you have the materials, if you choose.

CLICK HERE to download the latest version of the course, updated on January 7, 2014.

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