Krypton Community College

Looking back on the Krypton project

More than 15,000 of you are still subscribed to this blog/newsletter, and I wanted to take a minute to update you on what I learned and what I've heard.

We launched four courses over the course of this project, and I'm really proud of each of them. I've been contacted by people around the world who invested the time to organize and participate in peer-to-peer learning sessions based on our curricula.

The challenge for me is that many people were hesitant to stand up and say, "I'm leading." We are indoctrinated from an early age to believe that we need a permit, a degree, some sort of authority to host and to assign and to connect. As a result, there were many people who asked me to lead, who wanted a centralized school experience, who wanted to video lectures and organized assistance.

Which is why I did my two Skillshare courses (entrepreneurship and marketing)…

But that wasn't why we built Krypton. It was designed to open doors, not to give instructions. It became clear that while we knew how to make a curriculum, we didn't have the resources to do the groundwork to create a cadre of teachers, to authorize them, support them and create a long line that would get us to a thriving peer-to-peer community.

For those of you that engaged in the courses and got something out of them, don't stop! Write your own. Find a thought leader you respect and seek out her best work online and in print. Why not?

Thanks to each of you for checking in on this project and for participating at whatever level worked for you. I think peer-to-peer learning is in its very first stages, and you'll be able to say you were there at the beginning.

"Go learn something," is a good thing to say during graduation season. Even better, "go teach something!"