Free Prize Inside

#WeAreAllWeird — a contest

Win a set of four signed books, and even better, let the world know about your weirdness.

My book We Are All Weird is about the death of mass, about the reality of the long tail and mostly about how marketers can thrive by recognizing people for who they are, instead of insisting that they conform.

Here's how the contest works:

Between now and September 30, create a tweet with the hashtag #WeAreAllWeird

In the tweet, include a photo or some text that highlights your uniqueness, your special contribution, something about yourself that makes you different–and proud of it.

The goal is to send a message that you want to be treated differently, not the same. Highlight a passion, a choice, a unique element of how you engage with the world. Your choice of knitting needles, your tattoos, your unusual hobby… We are not all the same, even if the mass media and the mass marketers that pay for it might prefer we act that way.

The most retweeted tweet wins. The prize: The four recently published books, signed by the authors. And bragging rights. Never underestimate bragging rights.

On October 1, I'll review all the tweets with this hashtag, sort by retweets and the tweet with the most retweets wins. (I reserve the right to disqualify NSFW or inappropriate tweets not worth sharing). I'll @mention the leaders from @thisissethsblog, and the winner can use a simple Google doc to send me a mailing address and we'll send the winner the prize. If we don't hear from the leader within two days, we'll go to the next person on the list.

Void where prohibited or frowned upon. Open to adults, over 18. You can enter multiple times, but only one tweet counts toward your total. Contest administration is my responsibility, not the publisher's.