The signals we send

Some people go through their day unaware that every action they pursue has more than its obvious intent.

A glance is worth a thousand words. Asking for the check can be like a standing ovation–or a put down. A handshake is always more than just that.

You think you're merely putting on a blouse or typing an email or making small talk, but of course, you're also sending signals.

What we choose to do (and what we choose not to do) turns into a signal to the people around us.

These signals aren't universal, they are interpreted in different ways by people with different worldviews.

Some people are aware that they are sending signals, but can't quite figure out how to send the ones they mean to send. 

And a few people send the signals on purpose.

Empathy helps us understand what will be received, and intent dramatically improves our effectiveness.


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