The power of community learning

It's easy to imagine that some things have to be the way they've always been. That music has to be delivered on a round platter. That an overnight stay needs to be in a hotel. And that learning is solely the result of top-down lectures plus tests for compliance.

The internet is a transformational technology, not merely a faster way to send an email. People all over the world are learning more deeply, transforming their expectations and changing their role and their contribution. It's time for your voice to be heard.

One of the surprising benefits of combining video with peer-to-peer learning is that you get to talk about your work, explore your specifics and work with others in discovering what can work for you, not just learn in the abstract. This is something we can deliver in a format that's almost impossible in a book or lecture alone.

The impact that the Marketing Seminar has had on the thousands of people who have enrolled is just stunning. It's a transformative three month experience that helps people see things differently and gives them the support and momentum to go make their ruckus.

Here's a note, unedited, from a recent graduate of The Marketing Seminar.

100 days is a long time.

Many have shared their challenges and victories and tagged fellow and sister students who illuminated our path.

Many more are still on the journey. They’re overcoming setbacks, distractions and competing priorities.

It’s now Day 107. In the past week, I’ve shifted gears from intense learning to intense doing. I’ve shipped more in the past week than I’d shipped in the previous several months. They weren’t all products going out the door. Some were decisions and turning points that clarified where Web Story Builder is headed and why. It’s saying “no” at a key moment when four months ago I would have said “yes,” believing that I could be everything to everyone.

It’s tempting to start tagging people that made an impact on me. I’m not doing that because it’s easy to tag those who have commented or posted the most. That would leave out an important group: Those who don’t talk as much. Those who read and liked. Or just read. All of them, every single one of you, made an impact on me.

The Discourse stats say that I have visited 98 days with a cumulative viewing time of four days, posted 58 topics and 392 replies (and counting), and clicked the “like” button almost 800 times. And there are currently 210 topics that I haven’t read and oodles more that need replies. A single comment can change my world. Or yours.

So it turns out that 100 days is just enough to create new habits and cement new ways of thinking. The world is different now. We are different.

… Godspeed!

Thanks for listening,