“You can’t be curious and angry at the same time”

The first time I met Catherine Hoke, she changed my life. That's what she does at Defy. She changes lives.

After more than a year of persistent nudging, I was finally able to persuade her to share her story and her wisdom in a new book.

I'm thrilled that it came out this morning.

Defy works with men and women who were formerly incarcerated. They work with business leaders who are used to being treated with respect and privilege. And they work with volunteers across the country.

Mostly, what Defy does, what Cat does, is help people understand that forgiveness is a powerful tool, one that's easily overlooked. That when you're busy holding a grudge, it's difficult to open your arms to the possibility that's all around us.

Alex Peck and I spent nine months helping Cat bring this book to the world. We've donated 20,000 hardcover copies to Defy, so that every copy sold contributes 100% to their important work.

I hope you'll buy a copy (or several) today. It's a game changer, and I'm confident you'll be glad you took the leap.

Here's an unsolicited note we got the other day:

I finished reading A Second Chance yesterday and immediately started it again. It is easily the most impactful book I have read in years, if not ever. I find myself continually referencing it in conversation and can't wait for others to be able to read it. I have a list of people I'm ordering it for. I've been giving out copies of What To Do When It's Your Turn for years and now I have a new book I can't wait to give to people.

Thank you, Seth and the rest of the team for your investment in Cat, Defy and this book. The work of Seth and the Domino Project have been tremendous influencers on my life and work for years and this book takes that to a whole new level.

Best regards,