Speaking up about what could be better

Solving interesting problems is the best work we can do.

It's a practice that has built the very best parts of our culture.

Solving interesting problems begins with posing them–which means being willing to speak up about what could be better before we know how to make it better.

We see these problems, all of us do. But they're easy to ignore if we're hoping for a quick win. Instead, patience and empathy define us as the humans we seek to be. 

Too often we get trapped believing we need:


Quick answers

A guarantee

If you want those three things, you're missing the path. The search for quick, guaranteed and certain results will almost always undermine the creativity you're after.

Creativity is a step on the way to making things better. 

As we've built the altMBA (more than 2,000 students so far), the need for creativity has become ever more urgent.

The web is littered with easy promises and simple call & response patterns. It's antithetical to creativity. Instead, our social networks have turned us into unpaid factory workers, toiling in a giant system, one that pushes us to feel shame, to be in a hurry, to worry about nothing but the surface.

That's not where creativity comes from and that's not what creativity is for.

Possibility and responsibility are available to anyone who wants them. That could be us, any of us.

Seeing the world as it is, offering people dignity, choosing to make a difference… none of these are fast and easy paths, but we do them anyway.

Will you?

Please consider joining us for the altMBA. The work matters.