Books worth reading

The Art of Gathering, by Priya Parker. A long overdue and urgent manifesto for anyone who has the temerity (and generosity) to organize the time and energy of a team in order to call a meeting.

The Artist’s Journey, the latest from Steve Pressfield, an essential compass, road map and kick in the pants.

Coming soon, the much anticipated Eat Their Lunch from Anthony Iannarino.

Full House, twenty years old, from Stephen Jay Gould, about variation, evolution and of course, Ted Williams.

Tom Peters’ latest: The Excellence Dividend, is classic Tom on every page.

Chasing Space, by Leland Melvin is a memoir from a real hero.

Annie Duke knows how to make decisions. You should too.

The Heart to Start is solid advice from David Kadavy. It’s not too late.

Scott McCloud‘s classic book on comics will change the way you see.

Fresh India, by Meera Sodha, is the book I’m cooking from the most lately. And everyone who eats should own a copy of The Food Lab.

And if you haven’t read Your Turn, today’s a great day to leap.