The thing about propellant

The paint in the can almost always lasts longer than the aerosol does.

The propellant is more difficult to engineer and work with than the stuff it’s propelling.

It’s volatile, elusive and doesn’t last long.

The metaphor is a useful way to think about your situation. You might not need more time. You might not need more connections. You might not need to move to a new city, find new friends or catch a lucky break.

It may be that all you need is to use your propellant more wisely.

[There’s a significant exception to this rule: The rare person who is all propellant. No useful substance, no long-term strategy, simply short-term success based on an abundance of forward motion. If you work with someone like that, try to help them find their way… they’re not going to stop moving, but perhaps you can help them move in the right direction.]