Difficult decisions

These are the decisions that are forced on us, the ones that feel unfair, the ones where there are no seemingly good outcomes.

How to proceed?

  1. Acknowledge that it sucks. That you’d rather not be in this situation. That it’s not what you hoped for. You can return to this step as often as you like, but don’t permit it to have anything to do with the other steps in the process.
  2. Consider the sunk costs. The things you did to get to this point, the hard work and investments you made to have what you had until recently. Now, ignore them. They’re sunk. They have no connection to the decision you need to make.
  3. Outline your options. None of them are as happy as you’d hope. None are perfect. All involve a measure of discomfort. That’s okay, because that’s what’s on offer. Write them out.
  4. Now, consider each option based on the future, not the past. Ignoring the sunk costs, ignoring what you deserve, which of these options offers you the happiest series of future days, weeks and months? Choose that one. Don’t look back. Go.