“Summer’s almost over”

When I was a kid, my mom would start saying that in mid-July.

I think she meant well. Summer is a great time to stand back, to chill out, to spend an entire day or a week producing little or nothing and simply breathe.

But she was reminding us that regardless of our internal clock, the real world keeps moving forward, and that maybe this little window of time, one that we’ll never see again, could be a great time to make a contribution, find a connection and explore what might be possible. The ability to create is a rare privilege, and it’s not to be ignored.

If you can make a ruckus, make a ruckus.


Here at HQ, Kelli and Marie, Sam and our coaches are finishing up two concurrent sessions of the altMBA today. The fifth session of The Marketing Seminar just passed its commencement ceremony, and Alex Peck and I sent the final surprises to the printer for a new book. Because summer’s almost over.

Mark your calendars:

A new seminar, The Bootstrapper’s Workshop, begins on September 5. You can find the early details on our site.

The next session of The Marketing Seminar happens in January.

And the last altMBA of 2018 is accepting applications for another few weeks.