Bootstrapping: A new way forward and a new way to learn

Today’s the launch of the Bootstrapper’s Workshop. It’s an intensive community-based virtual seminar, designed to take from 21 to 100 days.

What you’ll learn: A third way to be independent. Not the daily struggle of the gig-seeking freelancer, nor the high-stakes VC world of the big-time entrepreneur. Instead, the bootstrapper finds freedom early and often, by building an enterprise that customers want so much that they become the source of funding.

Bootstrapping is freedom via service. Finding ways to connect and lead and serve customers so well that they can’t imagine doing it without you.

How you’ll learn: The Bootstrapper’s Workshop is inspired by the five successful sessions of the Marketing Seminar. We’re using a customized online discussion platform, combined with short video lessons from me, to create cohorts of people who are sharing their best work (and challenges) with each other.

Instead of tests and certificates, this new way of learning revolves around peers, around real-time interactions and most of all, around projects and the work you do, instead of memorization and exams.

We start today. You can join anytime in the next few weeks, but if you sign up now, you can look for the purple circle at the bottom of the page and save some money. It’s disappears in a few days.

Can’t wait to see what you create.