What are you organizing?

For a hundred years, we organized the means of production. How do we get the right people, the right machines, the right materials and get this thing built.

Many of us still do this. It’s important and difficult work.

For thirty years, most of the profit has been made by the people who organize money. How do we float an offer, manipulate a currency, bring the right money to the right project on the right day.

The return on organizing money is huge, and it’s not going away.

But now, now there’s a third kind of organization going on, one that’s even more leveraged, because it isn’t easily replaced: Organizing an audience.

How do we find the right people on the right day in a way that creates value for them and for us? How do we deliver the right service to the right audience in the right way? The rising stars of our economy are in this business now, even more than production or finance.

If you’re seeking to build awareness, consider building a community instead.

If you’re working to sell your average stuff to average people (and working overtime to make it cheaper or faster), consider an alternative: serving the most dedicated people with something remarkable.