Podcasting is the new blogging

Not as a way to make big dollars (blogging didn’t do that either). But as a way to share your ideas, to lead your community, to earn trust.

Podcasting is a proven technology that is still in its infancy. It’s an open mic, a chance for people with something to say to find a few people (or perhaps more than a few people) who’d like to hear them say it.

And podcasting is the generous act of showing up, earning trust and authority because you care enough to raise your hand and speak up.

Over the summer, Alex DiPalma ran the Podcasting Fellowship, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to help out.

I was thrilled at the results.

More than 300 people signed up to be part of it, and the creativity was electric. People from all over the world, from 18 years old to 60, learned how to create a podcast they could be proud of. They didn’t just learn. They did it.

Learning the technology is the easy part. It’s the peer support, the community and the bias for shipping that really matter.

Because you asked, we’re going to run it one more time. You can read all the details right here.

Signups and engagement begin today, the lessons (delivered, no surprise, in podcast format) begin a few days later and we close signups on October 15th. It costs about $10 a day, and there’s an early bird discount if you hurry. You can do it at your own pace, and an hour a day is probably enough to get you going (though you can put more into it and get more out of it).

I’ve said before that my decision to blog is one of the best I’ve ever made for my career, for the work I do, and most of all, for my continued posture of teaching and leaping. If you’ve considered that this might be your moment to leap, I hope you’ll consider investing in The Podcasting Fellowship and joining Alex, her coaches and me in this 45 day journey together.

PS My Akimbo podcast is now in its third season. You can subscribe or hear it at Akimbo. Here are the most recent show notes.