Thanks to everyone who already made it a bestseller. So many people went to the site Tuesday, we broke Amazon’s checkout algorithm for several hours–I’m apologizing on their behalf if it’s been a hassle. I appreciate your persistence.

You can find all the ways to buy it here. (Along with a free excerpt and some reviews).

This is Marketing is about modern marketing, the post-advertising, post-spam sort of marketing that we can be proud of.

The book’s ideas are relevant to organizations big and small, non-profits, politicians, and freelancers too.

Here are some of the ideas in the book:

  • People like us do things like this
  • Work that matters for people who care
  • Make things better, make better things
  • Serve the smallest viable audience
  • Who eats lunch first?
  • This might not work
  • When in doubt, look for the fear
  • Positioning is done as a service for our customers
  • Marketers create change. No change, no marketing.
  • If you’re going to do all this work, might as well do something you’re proud of
  • Some people measure affiliation, others seek to engage with the story of dominance
  • How leaky is your funnel?
  • Why will someone enroll to go on this journey?
  • Anticipated, personal and relevant messages always do better than the other kind
  • The network effect is the ratchet that builds projects that grow
  • It’s not your tribe, but you can lead them for a while
  • Are you a direct marketer? What do you measure?
  • What’s it for? Who’s it for?
  • Create and relieve tension
  • Everything we do is a flag, and every flag tells a story
  • Will they miss you when you’re gone?

We’re doing a Facebook Live today from 11:45 to 12:15 Eastern time. I’ll be answering your questions about the ideas in the book.

I’ve also done a ton of podcasts in preparation for the launch. You can find the complete list here.

Here are some of the most recent: Tim FerrissRyan Hawk, Behind the BrandKirby HassemanMarketing Today, In the Arena, Marketing Week, Marketing Speak, The Marketing Book Podcast,Marketing Over Coffee, Larry Weeks, David Meerman Scott, User Defenders, Eat Sleep WorkAdrian SwinscoeBoston ContentBill Carmody, The Copywriter ClubEscape the Rat Race1% Better, MarieTV , Chase Jarvis (both below), Duct Tape Marketing,  The Remarkable Leadership PodcastThe Future of Work. (more to come, updated here).




PS if you get a copy in the next week or so, you can join our digital launch party, with videos, Q&As, and best of all, peer to peer interaction. The code to join in is on page 260 (or at the end of the Kindle ebook). If you have the audiobook, look for a special link on the sign up page. Sign up here.


And last, here’s a link to my latest episode of Akimbo, which has a cogent summary of what this is all about.