Installing the stupid filter

I’ve never once had a meeting at 3 am. Not once.

My iCal is apparently unaware of this. If I type “3” into the time box on my calendar, it blithely defaults to “am”.

A woman left a tip of more than $5,000 at a kebab shop in Switzerland, because she typed her PIN (5650) when the little card reader was asking her for her tip instead. Of course, she had never left a tip approaching this amount before, but the device was missing a stupid filter.

“Are you sure?” is something humans ask all the time. If you go to an ethical plastic surgeon and announce, through drunken tears, that you want a new nose, new lips, new hips and a skin peel, all at once, she’ll not only ask if you’re sure, but she’ll send you home to think about it first.

We keep hearing about how AI is going to take all our jobs. Perhaps it should begin with the job of asking if we’re sure.