Rare QA video, a new workshop, and a path forward for entrepreneurs

It was 100 degrees outside, and far hotter inside the barn (which had no air conditioning.)

But SwissMiss invited me, and I’m glad I followed through. Watching this video a year later, I’ve realized I have very little recollection of what happened in that jam-packed barn, so I’m thrilled that Kertis Creative captured the day.

[You can rewind for a very kind intro from Tina.]

I ended up riffing on dozens of topics, and it might be the best session like this I’ve ever done. I hope you get something out of it. And thanks to the amazing Creative Mornings community for bringing so much care and energy to the event.

The timing for the release of the edit couldn’t be better, as we’re launching two workshops today:

The Freelancer’s Workshop is brand new. Join us as we work together on the single biggest issue facing anyone who is out on their own: How to get better clients.

And The Bootstrapper’s Workshop is an effective and proven method for starting an organization financed by customer investment. We’ve brought it back for entrepreneurs who are looking for a better, saner way to make a difference.

Early birds, don’t forget to click the purple circle.

I’ll be posting later today with some thoughts about the urgent but non-obvious choice so many of us face: Which are you, a freelancer or an entrepreneur?