What does it feel like when you say “later”?

What does it sound like when you put something off?

All of us have a catalog of voices in our head. We’ve got the one for feeling behind, the one for not feeling good enough, the one we use when we’re trying to avoid a sore spot.

There are good reasons to decide to wait until later.

Waiting for later keeps our options open.

Waiting for later helps us avoid the short-term hustle.

Waiting for later feels safer.

Too often, waiting for later also keeps us from leaping, from leading and from making a difference. It keeps us from moving on, moving forward.

The feeling of “later” doesn’t go away. it actually gets harder and harder to leap as the time goes by.

It’s easy to turn waiting for later into a habit. It’s a great way to hide from the work we truly care about, especially if it’s uncomfortable.

Today’s the last day of 2019 to apply for the altMBA.

It’s possible that you’ve heard about it, read the case studies, seen the impact it’s made on the thousands of people who have completed it, but perhaps you decided to wait until later.

Today is later.

Today’s the last day to apply at our current tuition. Our upcoming session is this October, and after that, we won’t be back until 2020.

Now is usually better than later.