Placebo blindness

You can go to work offended by the idea that you might traffic in placebos. You can be certain that your aromatherapy, jewelry store, engineering consulting, stereo gear or home improvement practice is 100% performance-based, completely driven by specs, immune to a double-blind study.

Or, you can embrace the fact that human beings are 94% irrational, making decisions based on feelings, expectations and culture. That none of us are double-blind in real life. That the placebo is the most highly leveraged and efficient way you’ve got to help people get to where they’re going.

Ignoring the placebo effect won’t make it go away. Embracing it will help you do much better work, work that quite possibly is based on those skills and practices you’ve worked so hard to be good at. If it’s worth doing your work, it’s worth doing it in a way where placebos will help you do it better.