What do you own?

Small business is a resilient backbone of the modern world. Choosing to not simply be the day laborer or the gig worker, but someone who actually owns something.

You might own a permission asset–the right people, offering you their attention and trust. You might own a lease or a patent or some other form of property. And you might own a reputation, one that earns you better projects and a bigger say in what happens next.

As we begin a new season, it’s worth considering what you own, and far more usefully, what you can build on your way to owning even more leverage. If we are all shopkeepers, what do you have in inventory? If you own nothing but the next eight hours of your time, for sale to the highest bidder, you may be disappointed in the bids you get.

I just got a note from an Akimbo workshop participant. She said, “Today I got my first project where I will be getting not an hourly rate but an equity stake in the product. I’m doing the happy dance and thanking Freelancer’s Workshop.”

That’s why we keep showing up. So that you can show up and get paid what you’re worth. Even better, so you can make a difference you’re proud of.

On September 10th, the third session of the Bootstrapper’s Workshop begins enrollment. Find out more and sign up for updates right here. We’d love to have you join us. It’s time to own something.