Long-term vs short-term

There’s always someone who is more willing to play the short-term game than you are.

Someone who is willing to cut more corners, send a more urgent text, borrow against the future, ignore the side effects, abuse trust and corrupt the system–somehow justifying that short-term hustle with a rationalization (usually a selfish one) about how urgent it is.

On the other hand…

There’s plenty of room to win as someone who takes a longer view than the others.


Here are some updates from a busy week:

The Real Skills Conference happens today at 1 pm Eastern. It’s a two-hour virtual conference. Registration closes today at 10 am. Check it out here.

My post about Google’s broken promo folder received more than 1,000 responses, sharing details and insight about the hassle it’s causing. The team at Gmail has access to the doc… not sure if they’ve responded to anyone though.

The Marketing Seminar has less than a week before enrollment closes.

This week, Blinkist launched a series of two-minute long podcasts I recorded for them.

A fun six-part blog series I did with the co-author of my very first book, the one and only Chip Conley.

And a new video, three things we’ve learned from the altMBA.