Seeing clearly in 2020

I’ll only use that 2020 riff once. But it was on-point enough to have been worth waiting for ever since I got my first eye exam.

For most of us, 2020 is going to be a turning point. Because it’s another chance to live tomorrow over again. A chance to reset, to decide what’s important and what’s worth working for.

Not a New Year’s resolution, because resolve is often in short supply.

Instead, making the choice to learn to see. A chance to decide to decide.

Sure, that’s meta, but it beats the alternative. To not see. To simply accept. To not choose. To obediently follow instead.

We’re devoting this year to bringing you a series of workshops that can undo the status quo if that’s what you choose. A chance to see more clearly and even more important, to learn to trust yourself enough to change things for the better.

To find out more about what we’re up to, I hope you’ll visit the page on our upcoming worldwide virtual conference and sign up for our free year-long 2020 update list. First dibs, details and occasional discounts.

The future has a way of showing up whether we ask for it or not, and it pays to be ready for it.