Yes, marketing does matter

Because marketers make change happen.

That’s the work. Not to run ads, not to sell crap, not to invent hoopla.

Marketing makes change. If you’re not proud of the change you’re making, do something else.

It turns out that smart marketing is significantly more effective than the other kind. It turns out that showing up with the right work for the right people in the right way is a powerful tool in making change happen.

The other kind of marketing gets a bad rap, and that’s well deserved.

But real marketing, the marketing that makes things better by making better things–that’s what we need more of.

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The seminar also has a #1 bestselling book, if that’s more your speed. And a video-only course. Do what works for you.

We keep doing it because it works. This time it’s your turn. I hope you’ll take a leap and join us.