Will you join us? A new workshop for creatives

The magic of the workshops we’re running is that we do them together.

That’s not how most online education works. Which is odd, because learning almost always works that way. Find the others. Give and get feedback. Learn by doing. See the work, do the work, repeat.

Our new workshop launches today. It’s about trusting yourself enough to be seen. It’s for writers, artists and anyone who seeks to create as a professional. The Creative’s Workshop is about understanding genre, showing up to do the work and figuring out what it means to turn pro.

It’s a writer’s workshop, a seminar and a mastermind group rolled into one. Not just for writers, but for anyone who seeks to be creative as a professional.

This 100-day workshop features interviews with Cyrille Aimee, Eliot Peper, Christian McBride, Gabe Andersen and the extraordinary Patricia Barber. As well as a video interview I did with Cathy Heller and a priceless riff from Brian Koppelman. But most of all, it features you and people like you.

Because it works when we do it together.

PS if you join us today, click the purple circle on the site. You’ll save quite a bit on tuition. The circle decreases in value each day until it’s gone.

Come, make a ruckus.