Raft up!

There’s safety in numbers. (Virtual, digital connection).

Resilience, too.

Not to mention inspiration and mutual support.

Go start a group.

Find the others.

Learn together. Meet regularly.

If you start the group, you won’t get left out…


At Akimbo, we’ve seen the power of what happens when people connect and work together online.

Today, we’re launching a public co-working space, open for the next month. There’s no charge…it’s free. The team has worked hard pulling this together in the last week, and we’re lucky to be able to share this with you.

You can find out all the details here.

It’s not a workshop or a course, simply a place where you can work from home, together. Instead of a social network, a foundation to feel comfortable as you do your work. A place where you can see and be seen and perhaps a place that will help you organize and lead as we slog our way through this.

Together. Hope to see you there.


(And a related video from John Green).