The difference between data and information


When there’s simply data, it’s all noise. It’s impossible for a human being to absorb data without a narrative.

Once we figure out how to turn your features and ideas and benefits and effort into a story, though, it becomes information. And then we can act on it.

We have a story problem. All of us do. We’re not doing a good job of developing the empathy to turn all the data we’ve assembled into a story that others can understand.

Today, we’re launching the second session of The Story Skills Workshop. Led by bestselling author Bernadette Jiwa, it’s a proven, effective and powerful way for you and your team to learn how to make the impact you’re hoping for.

It was the most successful workshop we launched in 2019, and we’re bringing it back for those of you that missed out. Look for the purple circle on the registration page to save some money.

I hope you can join us.