You’re surrounded

We all are.

Throughout a lifetime, everyone has their troubles–someone might have stubbed a toe, or missed a car payment or be studying for an upcoming exam. Big problems and small. We each have our fear, our grief, our hassle.

The thing is, the troubles were local and unique. It was easy to walk away from our drama, at least for a moment, because someone else, everyone else, had something else they were dealing with.

For the last month, that hasn’t been true. For anyone.

You can’t avoid it, can’t walk away from it and have to work to put it in perspective, because every interaction comes with someone else amplifying the story.


At the same time the echo chamber around us magnifies our story, we also have the solace of knowing that truly, it’s us.

Us together.

The boat is really, really big and we’re all in it.

This is a slog, and there will be another side. It is unevenly distributed, it’s a tragedy and it’s a challenge. But we’re in it together and with care and generosity, we can find perspective, possibility and hope.