Alternatives to perfect

“If I can’t make it perfect, is it okay if I try to make it better?”

When a project doesn’t come out precisely the way we hoped, when customer service isn’t 100%, when the reality doesn’t match the dream, then what?

One option is to embrace your failure. To have your tantrum, to become bereft, to wallow in how unfair the world is. No sense messing up a perfect moment of imperfection.

The other option is to put some effort into making an imperfect situation a little less imperfect. Perhaps, with some distance, it might even be a lot less imperfect, or even better than you were hoping for in the first place.

Imperfect is a chance for contribution, connection and improvisation. It’s a chance to see the humanity behind the moment you were spending so much energy creating.

The alternative to perfect might be better.


[A deadline: tomorrow is the Early Decision deadline for the summer session of the altMBA. If you’ve been waiting to see what you’re capable of, today’s a great day to begin.

In a world turned upside down, if you have the chance to level up and contribute, I hope you’ll see what’s possible.]