And there’s a story at the heart of it

What did we just tell ourselves about what happened?

And why do we choose to take the actions we take?

How does that narrative change the way we’ll deal with tomorrow?

Lots of things can trigger a change–some local, some global. But once a change occurs, the ripples that spread are almost always in the form of a story.

It’s a story that causes us to change our minds, to take action and to tell the others.

We don’t know what that book or that project is like until we experience it, but we have to decide now, so we tell ourselves a story. We must make a decision about how to engage with a stranger before we get to know them, and we do that by telling ourselves a story as well.

It’s on us to find, spread and ultimately create better stories. We aren’t passive consumers, dandelions in the wind. We’re active agents in what the people around us believe and what they do.

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