Books for spring

Today, the new book from Jacqueline Novogratz arrives. Manifesto for a Moral Revolution is brave, personal and audacious. This is an important book, now more than ever. Please share this with people you care about.

Retail truth-speaker Steve Dennis debuts with a definitive book about the future of stores. Remarkable Retail is prescient and practical.

Eliot Peper has a new book this month. Veil is about collapse, redemption and heroes. As always, his near-future science fiction will stick with you.

Economics in Two Lessons is a thoughtful rebuttal of most of what we think we know about how markets work.

I read The Quantum Thief a few months ago, and it’s still resonating with me. Far-flung science fiction, much more relevant than the space opera cover gives it credit for. It’s a great audiobook if that’s your thing.

This is the 20th anniversary of The Art of Possibility, the book I recommend more than any other. The audiobook is terrific as well.

Cookbooks from Alison Roman (easy crowd pleasers) and Chad Robertson (patient bread).

Fanocracy is a handbook and guide for anyone seeking to build a tribal brand in our modern media culture.

And I loved Ted Chiang’s Exhalation, a book of short stories.

Binge-reading might be the new binge-watching.