What’s your story?

If you care about it, it’s probably a story.

Whether you did well on the job interview. The results of your work to find resources to feed the hungry. Your efforts to engage with your teenagers…

We remember Bastille Day, not because we were there, but because the story resonates with us. We vote for candidates because of their stories, and shop at stores that have a story that resonates with us. And it’s a story that determines how people react to an emergency in their town.

The last time we took action on an idea, extended ourselves for a friend, and perhaps encouraged ourselves to launch a new project–these happened because the story worked.

And it’s possible to tell a better story.

It’s on us. We need to learn how to hear stories, figure out which ones are resonating, and do the difficult and urgent work to make our stories more effective.

Because if we care about it, it’s worth doing better.

There are techniques worth learning and doing the work with others on a similar journey is a powerful shortcut to doing it well. We’re relaunching the Story Skills Workshop with bestselling author Bernadette Jiwa today. It’s not only a place to share your story but it’s a place to learn how to do it better. It’s one of our most popular workshops because it’s proven and because it works. [Look for the purple circle on that page for a time-sensitive discount].

Your story matters.