Better clients

That’s it. Two words.

If you’re a freelancer, that’s the hard part. The important part. The part that will open the door to the work you seek to do.

Better clients challenge you. They support you. They spread the word. They pay on time. They pay more and expect more.

Everything else will take care of itself if you focus on getting better clients.

It’s possible, but alas, unlikely, that better clients will simply appear. That outsiders will realize how hard you’re working and will show up. Alas, while it may seem unfair, it turns out that you don’t get better clients simply by working hard. It’s much more productive to take the steps necessary to attract them and keep them instead.


Today’s the best day to sign up for The Freelancer’s Workshop. The team at Akimbo is running it again because it works. It will change the way you do your work, whatever sort of freelancing you do. The Akimbo secret isn’t the videos, it’s the ability to learn together. To be surrounded by your peers, to challenge and be challenged by sharing your insights with people on a similar journey.