Show no work

There are two sorts of projects.

In the first, you’ll need to show your work. Show us why the logic holds up. Tell us how this has happened before. Explain the best practices you’ve learned from and the standards you’re following.

In the second, you’re taking a leap. Simply guessing or going on instinct.

Either path can work, the problem is when we confuse them. Perhaps we’re doing something that is based on what’s come before, but we refuse to examine, measure or compare, insisting that history doesn’t apply. Or worse, when we’re going on instinct and assert that it’s actually a reliable, proven path forward.

If the stakes are high and the outcome needs to be reliable, we hope you’ll be able to show your work.

And when it comes to the part of the project that’s yours and yours alone, the part that isn’t based on what’s come before, show no work. And plan accordingly.