A new book and some excitement to go with it

Today is ship day for my new book, The Practice.

Medium asked me to do a weekly series about creativity. The first two posts are now live.

Also! I’m doing a Facebook Live (to be reposted later on Insta, etc) today at 4:15 New York time. Come with your questions about the magic of shipping creative work.

This week, some of the best podcasters I’ve ever met are rolling out podcast interviews on creativity that might resonate with you…

And, for the next 24 hours, you can enter for a chance to win some rare, out of print or simply fun backlist items from my attic of past projects and provocations.

Find the form to enter right here. There are only 100 prizes, and I’ll do my best to deliver before the end of the year.

Included in the prize pool:

The behemoth, an 18-pound, 800-page collector’s item.

The titan, the follow-up, similar in size, and profusely illustrated with amazing photos from Thomas Hawk.

Sleeves of alternate collectible covers for This is Marketing.

The super-rare LP edition of my reading of two of my past books. These are beautiful, even if you don’t own a record player. Winners get five copies to share.

The cut crystal Purple Cow award, and just a few of the scarce remaining Purple Cow milk cartons.

Several other cool items, too scarce to mention here.

You can’t win if you don’t enter. I started doing online contests and sweepstakes in 1990, so this is a special thirtieth-anniversary celebration. You get a bonus entry for every copy of The Practice you buy.

Here are some pics of available goodies:










“The magic is that there is no magic.” Simply the satisfaction of doing the work.