Launches and orbits

The launch is fraught. It takes a lot of energy to get the thing started, and the orbit is the goal–there are still satellites up there, circling, decades after launching.

Even after twenty of them, a book launch feels uncertain. After all, you’re asking people to add one more thing to their reading list, something that no one has read yet. It’s an act of trust and kindness and support that I still don’t take for granted.

Thank you.

Launches are often characterized by a rush, a series of shortcuts and not enough patience. But it turns out that a successful launch often takes years, because the leaps we ask people to take require trust and confidence.

When I look down the list of people who pre-ordered, who supported the multi-pack, who read the blog, who spread the word, who took the workshop, who shared their ideas, who lent their voices, who asked good questions, who believed… I’m overwhelmed.

Thank you.

The Practice launched a week ago, (only a week? for many of us, it feels like months ago). It was one of my most successful book launches, hitting #1 in its categories and getting a great response from readers.

I appeared on some terrific podcasts (you can listen to some of them here) and even worked with thousands of you in a workshop setting.

The work you ship, the practice you engage in, your own cycle of launches and orbits–it creates our culture and makes things better. I’m grateful for your attention and for the ability to do this work with you.

Also! today at 3:30 EST (UTC-5) , I’ll be talking with my friend and colleague Bernadette Jiwa live on various social media channels (find us here). She’ll be talking about how the stories we tell change the world, taking your questions and inviting you to check out the latest iteration of the Story Skills Workshop.