The seeds we plant

2020 was a terrible year for too many people. So much trauma, dislocation and illness. Everyone has their own stories, and everyone suffered (unevenly and unfairly) from the extraordinary shifts in our lives.

And yet, seeds were planted. Five or ten or twenty years from now, people will remember projects that were started, connections that were established, realizations that occurred. Doors were opened, babies were born and changes were made.

Few people celebrate forest fires, but we’re all eager to walk through the sylvan glades that follow.

If you were kept from planting all the seeds you hoped to in 2020, that’s okay. Because the best time to plant more seeds is always right now. Or perhaps tomorrow.

I’ve benefited from countless lucky breaks through the years of this career, and many of them are the result of the people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with, listen to and teach.

To help create an institution of scale and impact, Akimbo the platform for learning that I’ve been talking about on this blog for years is now an independent B corp. In 2020, the leadership and coaches at Akimbo have shown up in ways that no one could have expected, and the tens of thousands of alumni are grateful for all of it.

Thank you to each of them, and to you. For caring and for leading.