Toward better

Well, that was interesting. Tragic. Heartbreaking. Painful. Difficult.

Have more people ever been happier to see a year go away? I’m posting this a few hours early just to clear the decks a bit faster.

Our attitude doesn’t have to be driven by the outside world, but sometimes, they overlap. The outside world provokes, persists and insists on changing the story we choose to tell ourselves.

And one reason we invented the calendar was to keep the outside world at bay as we reclaim agency over how we’ll choose to act–to respond instead of to react.

For those of you keeping track, 2021 is the product of the prime numbers 43 and 47. If you were looking for a reason to be optimistic, that’s as good as any.

Thanks for caring and thanks for leading.

Here’s to justice, health and peace of mind as we choose an attitude of possibility and resilience in 2021.