Shipping creative work

Of course you can.

If you care enough.

It’s not easy, it might not work and it takes effort, but the opportunity is there.

It helps to do it on purpose and it helps to do it in community. I’m excited about the possibilities for 2021… Here are some things you can do that will make your work more effective:

The Creative’s Workshop is back.

It inspired my bestselling book The Practice, but it adds an entire dimension to the commitment of making and shipping work that matters.

In the Creative’s Workshop you’ll be part of a mutually supportive cohort of people who are ready to do the work. Creative work is thrilling and it makes a change happen. This workshop leads to an extraordinary shift in our expectations and productivity.

The thousands of people who have been part of it report that it’s truly a game-changer in their career and the way they approach their work.

And next week is the Early Decision Deadline for the altMBA’s May 2021 session. More than 5,000 alumni in 70 countries have discovered the difference it can make.

And a sneak preview: The Podcasting Workshop is back for its seventh session, with enrollment beginning January 26th.

These workshops work because the people in them are enrolled in a journey, ready to do the work together. They’re all run by my friends at Akimbo, an independent, mission-driven B corp.

Go make a ruckus.

[I’ll try to do these workshop updates once a month here on the blog. Please share with someone who is ready to make a difference.]