March is going to be dark chocolate month around here

March is the perfect time to go on a world tour from your living room. In the Northern Hemisphere, early March offers perfect weather for shipping, and a blissful shortage of Hallmark holidays and cheap chocolate.

Megan Giller and I have put together a series of interviews (and tastings!) of dark chocolate and we’re inviting you to tune in.

Find out all the details here.

The short version:

In March 2021, on my FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram pages, I’ll be posting live interviews and tastings with some of the greatest chocolate makers of our time. And you can pre-order the bars and taste along if you like. If you’ve got chocolate in hand, feel free to join in with comments or live feedback as we go.

Dark chocolate, made by hand, by artisans who start with the bean and take it all the way to the finished product–it’s special. There are tones and notes and flavors that you can learn to taste. It’s fun to share. It’s an affordable luxury–you can buy the equivalent of a $500 bottle of wine in chocolate form for $11 or so. You can even get snobby and talk about trinitario and porcelana beans…

And the people who grow the beans, the farmers, are some of the poorest people in the world, often at the mercy of a heartless industrial food chain. The bars we’ll be tasting are all from producers who pay their farmers significantly more than the clearing price. If we can spread the word about this craft, they’ll all do better.

Thanks to Megan for helping me make this happen, and thanks to everyone who makes things a little more delicious, bringing care and dignity to the world at the same time.