Taking action

Once we decide to make a difference, it’s easy for doubt to set in. Because making a difference causes change, and change is scary. One way through the fear is with community. Groups of people who not only have your back, but are on a similar journey.

The team at Akimbo is offering several workshops in February, and each is designed to make it easier for you to level up. Here’s the calendar:

The Bootstrapper’s Workshop is back for its fifth session. It’s about a specific sort of business, beyond freelancing, where you build a business bigger than yourself without raising money from a bank or an investor. I’ve done this and it’s thrilling. It opens for sign ups today, February 8.

The altMBA returns, with more than 5,000 alumni around the world, this is the flagship at Akimbo. More than a third of all students are reimbursed by their employers, because organizations are discovering how effective it is. The Regular Decision Deadline is tomorrow.

The Real Skills Conference is also back for its fourth session. It’s open for signups now, and it takes place for two hours on February 19th. A conference without speakers or snacks, it’s about connection and possibility. Check out the details here.

And the indefatigable Ramon Ray back with his extraordinary workshop for people who are building a small business. Not a big business that’s still small, but a business that’s better because it’s small, it’s personal and it works. His joy is contagious and you’ll find people and ideas that will help you regardless of what stage your company is in. Enrollment opens on the 23rd, but you can sign up for more information today.

Akimbo is an independent B Corp, and I’m thrilled at what they’re building. 21,000+ people around the world have discovered what’s possible. Ask someone who’s tried it.

Also! Today at 1:30 NY time I’ll be live with my friend Adam Grant, author of the instant bestseller Think Again. We’re talking about what it really means to learn and to lead. You can watch live or see the recording at LinkedIn and Facebook. And, I just figured out how to do with Instagram as well.