Your big break

Some people get one. Most people don’t.

But, if you’re reading this, it means that you’ve received more than one, perhaps a countless number of, little breaks.

Access to tools, the benefit of the doubt, decent health, occasional peace of mind.

Little breaks. Over and over.

Little breaks get you into a room, but they don’t guarantee your performance. Little breaks get you a glimmer of trust or opportunity, they give you a microphone and a chance to share your dream.

Little breaks don’t always announce themselves the way big breaks do.

Little breaks compound, one often leading to another. Or they don’t, creating false momentum and then disappointment.

Sometimes little breaks pretend to be big ones, and sometimes they’re hiding in plain sight.

Little breaks are easy to ignore and thus are wasted.

Little breaks don’t like being waited for the way big breaks do, because while you’re waiting, you’re wasting the little breaks you’ve already gotten.