Ten reasons to write a book

More than ten, actually. Millions of books will be published this year and for good reason. People rarely regret the effort. Everyone has their own, but here are some of the reasons to get you started:

It clarifies your thinking.

It leaves behind a record of where you are in this moment.

It’s clearly not going to be a worldwide mass-market bestseller, so you can focus only on the people who want to hear from you.

It’s a project that is completely and totally up to you.

Because it’s a generous way to share.

As hobbies go, it’s energy-efficient, takes up very little space and is portable.

Because then you get to write another one.

It will increase your authority in your field.

We need to hear your ideas, they matter.

And then you become an author.

It’s not that hard to publish it when you’re done.

The publishing is a bonus, a way to seek completion, not the point of the exercise.

And… it’s not as lonely as you think.

PS if you sign up for my friend Kristin’s community of practice, you can do it together. With others on a similar journey. It’s generative, filled with possibility and fun.