Getting better

The optimism and possibility that come from training and learning in groups is a miracle. It means that, with a little effort, we can level up, become more productive and enjoy the work more tomorrow than we did yesterday.

The folks at Akimbo are offering some proven and tested workshops… here’s their schedule for signups in April:

The altMBA is the first and most powerful workshop of its kind. The July session has its Early Decision Deadline tomorrow, Tuesday. Ask someone who has done it–70 countries, 5,000 alumni so far.

The magical Podcasting Workshop, with Alex DiPalma, has enrollment beginning tomorrow. It’s now in its eighth session, and there are thousands of podcasters out in the world today because of the foundation and framework this community workshop created for them. It will clarify your thinking and help you find your voice.

And the fabled Freelancer’s Workshop begins in about a week. You can sign up today and be sure you don’t miss a thing. If you are working on your own (like most of us) this workshop will help you stop running in place and find the clients you deserve.

This might be your moment to move forward.