No fooling

When the world was small, our understanding of ‘reality’ was consistent, which is why a good April Fool’s joke felt right. It tweaked the normal just enough to cause us to wonder about what else might not be as it seems.

But the onslaught of manipulated media and amplified division has pushed us away from our small circle of reality. Now we’re aware that so many people have a different lived experience than we do. And we are exposed–sometimes several times a minute–to falsehoods, scams and bullying.

The first of April was a day when we were supposed to be aware that not everything was as it seemed, that we should be on our guard. And now, exhausting as it is, every day is like that.

I’m hopeful that our culture is resilient enough to get back to the truth.

Show your work. Earn attention and build trust. Every day.

Too much spin simply makes us dizzy.