A plan for ‘wrong’

Infallibility is a difficult model for forward motion.

It’s likely that you’re going to make an error. That you will make choices based on things you don’t know, perhaps should have known. Things will go wrong.

And then what?

When a kid takes driver’s ed, shouldn’t they teach what to do if they get a ticket or have a fender bender?

If you’re a district attorney, your staff might go after an innocent person. If you’re a doctor, a patient might die. If you’re a blogger, you might post something that isn’t correct. That’s not the moment to start coming up with a plan.

Are you ready and eager to say, “now that I know what I know, I’m going to change my course?”

Are you open and willing to say, “I didn’t know that key fact then, but I should have, and I’m building systems to make sure I will know it next time?”

Doubling down on wrong always makes things worse.