What did you learn on vacation?

It always seemed like a silly question–school is for doing what you’re told, summer vacation was for discovering all the things that were worth caring about.

As adults though, regardless of our hemisphere, we’re always on vacation from school. No tests or diplomas, simply a huge array of choices.

And in a world that keeps changing, regardless of how much we might want it to slow down, learning is the attribute that is often overlooked.

The folks at Linkedin asked me to create a short video series on how organizations can become more creative. You can check it out here.

And Akimbo, proudly an independent B corp, has a bunch of effective workshops coming up, all of which you can find out more about today:

The Regular Decision Deadline is July 27 for altMBA’s October 2021 session

The ninth (!) session of the Podcasting Workshop with Alex DiPalma is now open for pre-enrollment (starts July 20th).

The sixth session of the Freelancer’s Workshop starts in about a month. Nothing will transform your work as a soloist as much as this workshop.

Bestselling author Bernadette Jiwa’s powerful Storytelling Workshop starts in August as well. You can sign up today.

And we’re around the corner from their breakthrough Real Skills Conference. Check out the details so you don’t miss out.