A feeling of entitlement is hard won.

You suffered to get to this spot. You were mistreated. You worked hard. You paid your dues. You were treated unfairly. It’s your turn. Justice demands it. You’re aggrieved. Or perhaps the thing you’ve worked so hard on is magical, special and totally worth people’s attention.

Like I said, you’re entitled. To your grievance or the meeting or even simply, the benefit of the doubt.

Alas: Our entitlement isn’t helpful.

Feeling entitled doesn’t make it more likely that others will listen to you, do what you ask or respect you. Feeling entitled doesn’t get you a sale or make it easier to merge into moving traffic, no matter how long you’ve been waiting.

So yes, you’re entitled. We all are, sooner or later.

But feeling that we’re entitled and demanding that others realize that we’re entitled is completely useless and might even get in the way of the work we hope to do.