The point of maximum leverage

The best way for a movie studio to outperform is to attract and encourage creators with vision, drive and commitment.

And yet, the key executives might be spending their time and focus and effort on micro-managing the end credits on the next movie or setting up a press junket.

The best way for a marketing team to grow sales and market share is to help design a product that uses a network effect and builds remarkability and engagement right into the item itself.

And yet, the team just spent three hours arguing about where to shoot the next commercial.

That small business will probably be most transformed by creating sell-through and market demand for their new product, But it’s overwhelmingly urgent to focus on a shipment that’s delayed, even though the supply chain can’t be fixed.

It goes on and on. For a job search, fixing your resume isn’t nearly as important as shipping a personal project. For a restaurant, creating a reason to come back with friends is more important than getting all the normal things right…

We can’t fix this problem until we see it, and then we need to be clear with ourselves and with our colleagues about where that leverage point is.